Coatings Industry

Our company offers process equipment, dispersers, mixers and basket mills from Hockmeyer Equipment Corp., automatic filling machines from ABA Anthony Barber and Vorti-Siv filter systems. We offer a complete range of grinding media and ceramic microspheres from Saint Gobain Zirpro.


Grinding Media

We offer a wide range of ceramic, glass, steel, plastic grinding media:

  •     Ceramic beads made of electrofused and sintered zirconium and options of high-density media as Cerium Stabilized Zirconia Oxide and Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Oxide used in the production of paints, inks, agrochemicals, cosmetics and sandblasting.
  •     Spheres, balls and cylinders made from different steels (chrome, carbon, SS), brass, tungsten carbide, alumina, ceramic, glass, etc. …
  •     Synthetic Beads: Delrin, Nylon, PP, PE, PTFE, phenolic resins, polyester, polystyrene, elastomers (PUR, Torlon, EPDM...), NBR, SBR...  For use in pumps, pulverizers, agitators, bearings, crushing, polishing, decoration, etc.
  •     Glass beads for traffic paint



Filling Systems

We offer gravimetric and volumetric fillers for liquids. Fully automatic and semiautomatic fillers for a wide range of volumes from some cubic centimeters to 5 gallon pails and drums used in the coatings, ink and chemical industry.

  •     Generic filling heads and pumps for brands as Thiele, Neumo, Neupack and many more.
  •     Auxiliary systems as lid presses, lid placers, crimpers, rotary supply tables, etc.


Dispersion Blades

We offer a wide variety of blades in stainless steel, plasma coated, various polymers and other alloys. All styles are available, as well as technical assistance, to make sure you are using the appropriate impeller for the process:

  •     Toothed Blades
  •     Mixing Blades
  •     Polymer Discs
  •     Impellers for mixing and agitation
  •     Propellers



  •     Beads from electro fused ceramics, glass and steels for sandblasting and shot peening.
  •     Ceramic grit media for surface treatments.