Paper and Cardboard

We represent in the Andean region and Central America famous brands as Favini, Schoellershammer, Reflex-Zanders, BN International and Guyenne Papier. Our product range includes fine papers, digital papers, artist papers, industrial and security papers, book-binding and lamination materials, industrial knives and many more.

Graphic Arts

We offer a wide range of special papers for the graphic arts of European and Far East origin:

  •     Fine Papers and cardboard for printing in white and colors
  •     Fluorescent Papers
  •     Cast Coated Papers
  •     Ivory Board
  •     Embossed Ivory Board
  •     Embossed Papers
  •     Digital Paper
  •     Security Paper
  •     Parchment Papers offset printable in transparent and colors
  •     Metalized Paper


Learn more about ecological papers from Favini:


Favini Crush Story


Favini Carta Crusca made of Wheat Bran


Industrial Papers

We supply industrial papers for a wide range of uses in packaging, food, labels and many more:

  •     Greaseproof Paper
  •     Scotchban Treated Paper
  •     Cellophane
  •     Fluorescent Papers
  •     Glassine Paper
  •     Anti-Slip Paper
  •     Fire Retardant papers


Art & Craft

We have a wide range of papers for art, hobby and handicraft in rolls and sheets. We can offer finished products as well as large size sheets and rolls for the production of related products.

  •     Colored Paper and Cardboard
  •     Crepe Paper
  •     Tissue Paper in white and colors
  •     Black Cardboard
  •     Watercolor Paper
  •     Drawing & Pastel Paper
  •     Parchment Paper in transparent and colors
  •     Micro-corrugated Paper
  •     Flint Paper
  •     Layout Paper
  •     Sketching Paper
  •     Mat Board

We also can offer OEM products with your own brand. Send us your inquiry!



We supply selected materials for bookbinding:

  •     Smooth and embossed bookbinding papers
  •     PVC Coated Papers
  •     Polypropylene for book covers
  •     Bookbinding cloth
  •     Stripping Tape



For print finishing, publicity products and office use:

  •     PET for lamination in rolls and pouches
  •     PET for cold lamination
  •     Polypropylene


Industrial Knives

We offer a wide range of straight knives for all models of paper trimmers, converters, note book production lines made of composite steels and HSS Steel. We have knives for 100s of models in stock for immediate delivery. Our program includes the corresponding cutting sticks. We supply circular knives for converting. For the metal industry, we have custom-made shear blades.